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Sailaway - Questionnaire - First Part - Functioning of the sailing vessel

  First Part - Functioning of the sailing vessel  
  To go from a beam reach course to a closed hauled course, you  
  Bear away
  Pull in
  Luff up

  What sailing course do you need to take to reef ?  
  A running course
  A closed hauled course
  A training run course
  A beam reach course

  The sailing boat is weatherhelm, what do you do ?  
  Bear away
  Luff up
  Increase camber
  Flatten the mainsail
  Ease headsail

  What happens when pulling in the mainsheet ?  
  The sailing boat will luff up
  The sailing boat will continue its course
  The sailing boat will bear away

  What do you do with the sheets when bearing away ?  
  Ease the sheets
  Leave the sheets alone
  Pull in the sheets

  How do you trim the sails or what is the best orientation for the sail ?  
  The sail should be perpendicular to the true wind
  The sail should be tangent to the wind

  At beam reach, the depression creates a force which is bigger than the pushing/driving force.  

  At what sailing course will the boat benefit from the maximum of combined forces ?  
  At running course
  At close hauled course
  At training run course
  At beam reach course

  Reefing the mainsail  
  will diminish the tendency to luff up
  will increase the tendency to bear away

  At which sailing course will the apparent wind be at its strongest ?  
  At a running course
  At a beam reach course
  At a close hauled course
  At a training run course