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Sailaway - Questionnaire - Second Part - Introduction to navigation

  Second Part - Introduction to navigation  
  18 61,23' N - 061 13,76'W. Are these coordinates plausible ?  

  With the Mercator projection  
  surfaces are not altered.
  angles are not altered

  When using Mercator projection one measures distances on  
  on the scale of Longitudes.
  indifferently on the scale of Latitudes or Longitudes.
  on the scale of Latitudes.

  The unit used at sea for distances is the Nautical Mile which represents  
  One minute of Longitude.
  One minute of Latitude.

  A variation of 5W is indicated on the navigational chart. The helmsman affirms he is following a 135 course. What do I trace on the chart ?  

  After having calculated a course of 180 I want to give indications to the helmsman. The variation in the area is 10W. What do I tell the helmsman ?  

  The variation of the area is to be found  
  in the compass rose on the navigational chart.
  in the pilot book
  In the almanac.

  The height of the water in the harbour is 5,5m. How much water will I have on a sounding of 2,5 underligned ?  
  8 meters
  5,5 meters
  3 meters.

  When taking a compass bearing I will have to take into account  
  variation and deviation

  All the points on the same Latitude form the