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Sailaway - Questionnaire - First Part - Manoeuvres

  First Part - Manoeuvres  
  Is this sailing vessel ready to tack ?  

  The topping lift has to be slackened during navigation.  

  To lower the traveller of the mainsail will make the vessel  
  bear away
  luff up

  To give a slant to the mainsheet you have to  
  ease the mainsheet
  ease the boom vang
  tighten the clew outhaul
  pull in the backstay

  To tighten the boom vang when you are on a close hauled sailing course is of no use.  

  To prevent a line is pulled out of its rigged path (through pulleys or blocks) you should end it with a certain knot. Which one ?  
  With a clove hitch.
  With a bowline
  With an overhand knot.
  With a figure of eight knot.

  What do you check immediately after having started the engine ?  
  Whether the tension of the driving belt is adjusted properly.
  Whether water is coming out of the exhaust.
  Whether the oil level is correct.

  What is the main disadvantage of a bowline ?  
  It slides.
  That it is difficult to untie after having been under load for some time.
  A bowline cannot be untied under load.

  What course should you sail to reef while navigating ?  
  Beam reach.
  Close hauled course.
  Head to wind.
  Training run.

  When gybing you pull in the mainsheet completely ...