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Sailaway - Questionnaire - First Part - Manoeuvres

  First Part - Manoeuvres  
  Is this sailing vessel ready to tack ?  

  How do you coil a sheet around a winch ?  

  To give a slant to the mainsheet you have to  
  pull in the backstay
  tighten the clew outhaul
  ease the boom vang
  ease the mainsheet

  A spring is  
  a sheet
  a halyard
  a strap
  a warp

  What kind of warp would you use to leave a windward quai ?  
  a bow line
  an aft breast rope
  a spring

  To tighten the boom vang when you are on a close hauled sailing course is of no use.  

  To prevent a line is pulled out of its rigged path (through pulleys or blocks) you should end it with a certain knot. Which one ?  
  With a bowline
  With an overhand knot.
  With a figure of eight knot.
  With a clove hitch.

  What is the main disadvantage of a bowline ?  
  It slides.
  A bowline cannot be untied under load.
  That it is difficult to untie after having been under load for some time.

  What course should you sail to reef while navigating ?  
  Head to wind.
  Training run.
  Close hauled course.
  Beam reach.

  When tacking the sail you mainly work with is the