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Sailaway - Questionnaire - Dead Reckoning and Navigation

  Dead Reckoning and Navigation  
  On June 4th we passed the cardinal buoy "LST 420" (pos 5115,5N - 00240,6E) at 2030H and were on compass course of 100, speed over water of 4 knots and a SSE wind (take 5 drift). At 2130H, will I be nearer to  

  On May 6 2001, we left Oostende at 1335H. The South winds pushes us at 3 knots and the helmsman has sailed a compass course of 310. Now it is 1435H. What is our distance from the cardinal W "Wenduine Bk - W" ?  
  More than one Mile.
  Less than a Mile.


  We are at a East cardinal "D1" (5113,8N-00238,6E). It is May 15 2001 at 1145H. Norther wind and foreseen speed is 5,5 knots. What course will you indicate to the helmsman to go to Nieuwpoort ?  

  At some point our position was 5120'N-00250'E, during one hour we sailed at 050 at 4 knots.Southern wind (please include 2 drift). Now it is 1350H and today it's March 11 2001. At what distance have we passed the cardinal N Oostendebank-N ?  
  The distance to the buoy is more than 0,4M
  We're just next to it.
  The distance to the buoy is more than 0,2M

  What is the meaning of COG ?  
  COG means Course Over Ground.
  It means compass course.
  It means speed over ground

  We are at the cardinal West "Nieuwpoortbank" and want to go to Nieuwpoort harbour. The wind is Westerly and quite strong - our expected speed is 7 knots. The date is June 23 and it is 1450H. What indication do I give the helmsman ?  

  The variation of the area we are sailing in is 13W. The helmsman tells me he is on a 110 course. What is the true course ?  

  When using an automatic pilot and you push the +10 button, the boat will turn ...  

  Our sailing vessel is navigating close hauled port tack at 60. The drift due to the wind will ...  
  consequently make sure our course is more towards the South.
  consequently make sure our course is more towards the North.