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Sailaway - Questionnaire - Tides and currents

  Tides and currents  
  A tide with coefficient 95 is  
  high water
  mean neaps
  a spring tide

  The times of the tides are always  
  local time
  always indicated in GMT
  specified on the tide tables

  What does "Mortes Eaux" mean in French ?  
  It means Low Water.
  It means neaps.
  It means Spring tide.
  It means High Water.

  A "standard" port is always bigger than a "secondary" port.  
  Most of the time.
  Whether the port is big or not has nothing to do with it.

  The degrees used to indicate a tidal stream give information as to...  
  where the current is going to.
  where the current is coming from.

  What kind of tides do we have on May 12 2001 ?  
  Mean tide

  What kind of tides do we have on Feb. 9 2001 ?  

  What is the height of the water in Zeebrugge at 130H on May 17 ?  

  What would the water height be on a spot in Dunkerque harbour where the indicated sounding is 1m - underligned - on May 7th at 1335H ?  

  My sailing vessel has a draught of 2,0m and I need to pass an area where the sounding indicated in Gravelines is 0,3m, underligned. Today it is May 25, 2001 and it is 1100H.  
  I have to wait until 1130H.
  I go over it without problem.
  I have to wait until 1230H.