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Sailaway - Questionnaire - Third Part - Safety and Weather

  Third Part - Safety and Weather  
  What is the worst to happen ? The halyard breaking or a sheet breaking ?  
  A halyard.
  A sheet.

  For safety it is always better to close all valves before leaving.  

  When risk of collision exists you first  
  Reduce speed to a minimum
  quickly make a large and wide turn
  stay on course

  A vessel sailing beam reach port tack has right of way according to the rules when encountering  
  a sailing vessel sailing a training run course starboard tack.
  a sailing vessel sailing close haued port tack
  a sailing vessel sailing a training run course port tack.
  a sailing vessel sailing beam reach starboard tack

  When the weatherforecast announces 'gale', how much Beaufort can we expect ?  
  Force 6
  Force 9
  Force 8
  Force 7
  Force 10

  In case someone falls into the water, which button will you press on the GPS ?  

  HIGH IRISH SEA 1035 SLOW MOVING AND DECLINING 1033 BY 0700 TOMORROW. What wind direction is there most probably in Belgium?  

  When navigating with heavy weather, you will be wearing a life jacket and a harnass. Where would you attach yourself ?  
  To a lifeline
  At the chain plate of a shroud
  To a stanchion
  To a shroud
  To the frame around the compass

  Between 1000H and 1200H today, the barometer went up from 1009HPa to 1015HPa. What does that mean ?  
  The weather will improve
  Lots of wind
  It will rain
  A warm front is approaching

  During navigation someone falls over board. How do you call for help via the radio ?