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Sailaway - Questionnaire - Third Part - Safety and Weather

  Third Part - Safety and Weather  
  What is the worst to happen ? The halyard breaking or a sheet breaking ?  
  A halyard.
  A sheet.

  The tension of the batteries should not go below  

  For safety it is always better to close all valves before leaving.  

  A bolthole always has to be ...  
  as near as possible to your current position
  a harbour
  leeward of the vessel

  When risk of collision exists you first  
  quickly make a large and wide turn
  stay on course
  Reduce speed to a minimum

  A vessel sailing beam reach port tack has right of way according to the rules when encountering  
  a sailing vessel sailing beam reach starboard tack
  a sailing vessel sailing close haued port tack
  a sailing vessel sailing a training run course starboard tack.
  a sailing vessel sailing a training run course port tack.

  The fetch is...  
  The distance over which the wind blows without encoutnering any obstacle.
  A type of boat with two masts.
  A manoeuvre to recuperate a casualty.
  The average wind over a certain period of the year.

  In case someone falls into the water, which button will you press on the GPS ?  

  HIGH IRISH SEA 1035 SLOW MOVING AND DECLINING 1033 BY 0700 TOMORROW. What wind direction is there most probably in Belgium?  

  Between 1000H and 1200H today, the barometer went up from 1009HPa to 1015HPa. What does that mean ?  
  It will rain
  The weather will improve
  A warm front is approaching
  Lots of wind