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  *** TEST GLOBAL ***  
  My sailing vessel has a draught of 2,0m and I need to pass an area where the sounding indicated in Gravelines is 0,3m, underligned. Today it is May 25, 2001 and it is 1100H.  
  I have to wait until 1230H.
  I have to wait until 1130H.
  I go over it without problem.

  The degrees used to indicate a tidal stream give information as to...  
  where the current is coming from.
  where the current is going to.

  What would the water height be on a spot in Dunkerque harbour where the indicated sounding is 1m - underligned - on May 7th at 1335H ?  

  Take a look at the attached weathermap. Where is the wind at its strongest ?  
  In Ireland
  In denmark
  In Brittany

  To lower the traveller of the mainsail will make the vessel  
  bear away
  luff up

  What is the direction of the current on Jan 2 2001 at 0900H in front of Oostende Harbour ?  

  What do you do with the sheets when bearing away ?  
  Leave the sheets alone
  Ease the sheets
  Pull in the sheets

  When tacking the sail you mainly work with is the  

  A bolthole always has to be ...  
  a harbour
  as near as possible to your current position
  leeward of the vessel

  The variation of the area we are sailing in is 13W. The helmsman tells me he is on a 110 course. What is the true course ?