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  *** TEST GLOBAL ***  
  A vessel sailing beam reach port tack has right of way according to the rules when encountering  
  a sailing vessel sailing a training run course starboard tack.
  a sailing vessel sailing beam reach starboard tack
  a sailing vessel sailing close haued port tack
  a sailing vessel sailing a training run course port tack.

  To tighten the boom vang when you are on a close hauled sailing course is of no use.  

  At what time is the first HW of Dunkerque on March 3 2001 ?  

  The degrees used to indicate a tidal stream give information as to...  
  where the current is going to.
  where the current is coming from.

  At what time is the last high water of Nieuwpoort on May 17 2001 ?  

  At some point our position was 5120'N-00250'E, during one hour we sailed at 050 at 4 knots.Southern wind (please include 2 drift). Now it is 1350H and today it's March 11 2001. At what distance have we passed the cardinal N Oostendebank-N ?  
  We're just next to it.
  The distance to the buoy is more than 0,2M
  The distance to the buoy is more than 0,4M

  What is the main disadvantage of a bowline ?  
  That it is difficult to untie after having been under load for some time.
  A bowline cannot be untied under load.
  It slides.

  Between 1000H and 1200H today, the barometer went up from 1009HPa to 1015HPa. What does that mean ?  
  A warm front is approaching
  Lots of wind
  The weather will improve
  It will rain

  What kind of tides do we have on May 12 2001 ?  
  Mean tide

  When taking a compass bearing I will have to take into account  
  variation and deviation