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  *** TEST GLOBAL ***  
  How would you answer the following call: "Sailing vessel in position five one degree one three minute north zero zero three degree four five minute east heading zero nine zero come in please."  
  Setra Setra Setra calling the station, roger, over.
  Station calling sailing vessel Setra, switch on channel sixty eight, six eight., over.
  Yes, it's me over

  The unit used at sea for distances is the Nautical Mile which represents  
  One minute of Longitude.
  One minute of Latitude.

  What kind of tides do we have on Feb. 9 2001 ?  

  To tighten the boom vang when you are on a close hauled sailing course is of no use.  

  At some point our position was 5120'N-00250'E, during one hour we sailed at 050 at 4 knots.Southern wind (please include 2 drift). Now it is 1350H and today it's March 11 2001. At what distance have we passed the cardinal N Oostendebank-N ?  
  The distance to the buoy is more than 0,4M
  The distance to the buoy is more than 0,2M
  We're just next to it.

  What is the height of the water in Zeebrugge at 130H on May 17 ?  

  To lower the traveller of the mainsail will make the vessel  
  bear away
  luff up

  At which sailing course will the apparent wind be at its strongest ?  
  At a training run course
  At a beam reach course
  At a close hauled course
  At a running course

  Depth soundings are always indicated in meters.  

  What is the worst to happen ? The halyard breaking or a sheet breaking ?  
  A sheet.
  A halyard.