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  *** TEST GLOBAL ***  
  Take a look at the attached weathermap. Where is the wind at its strongest ?  
  In Brittany
  In Ireland
  In denmark

  To give a slant to the mainsheet you have to  
  tighten the clew outhaul
  pull in the backstay
  ease the mainsheet
  ease the boom vang

  Our sailing vessel is navigating close hauled port tack at 60. The drift due to the wind will ...  
  consequently make sure our course is more towards the North.
  consequently make sure our course is more towards the South.

  The topping lift has to be slackened during navigation.  

  For safety it is always better to close all valves before leaving.  

  To go from a beam reach course to a closed hauled course, you  
  Pull in
  Luff up
  Bear away

  When the weatherforecast announces 'gale', how much Beaufort can we expect ?  
  Force 6
  Force 7
  Force 8
  Force 9
  Force 10

  What is the height of the water in Zeebrugge at 130H on May 17 ?  

  What is the meaning of COG ?  
  It means speed over ground
  COG means Course Over Ground.
  It means compass course.

  A "standard" port is always bigger than a "secondary" port.  
  Most of the time.
  Whether the port is big or not has nothing to do with it.