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  *** TEST GLOBAL ***  
  The fetch is...  
  The average wind over a certain period of the year.
  The distance over which the wind blows without encoutnering any obstacle.
  A manoeuvre to recuperate a casualty.
  A type of boat with two masts.

  When gybing you pull in the mainsheet completely ...  

  How do you coil a sheet around a winch ?  

  Take a look at the attached weathermap. Where is the wind at its strongest ?  
  In Ireland
  In Brittany
  In denmark

  When risk of collision exists you first  
  stay on course
  quickly make a large and wide turn
  Reduce speed to a minimum

  Is this sailing vessel ready to tack ?  

  The variation of the area is to be found  
  in the pilot book
  In the almanac.
  in the compass rose on the navigational chart.

  A vessel sailing beam reach port tack has right of way according to the rules when encountering  
  a sailing vessel sailing beam reach starboard tack
  a sailing vessel sailing a training run course port tack.
  a sailing vessel sailing close haued port tack
  a sailing vessel sailing a training run course starboard tack.

  By studying this weather map can you tell how much wind there is at the belgian coast ?  
  NW 15 knots
  NW 10 knots
  NW 25 knots
  SE 15 knots
  SW 15 knots

  What kind of tides do we have on May 12 2001 ?  
  Mean tide